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We responsibly manage our forests to ensure a sustainable supply of raw material for our customers while maintaining the other important benefits our forests provide. We use trees to make products people use every day. We reforest nearly 98 percent of harvested acres within two years and manage our forests carefully to provide habitat for wildlife, protection for clean water and air, recreation for people and other ecosystem services.


Most of the forests we manage are in North America. Including acres added through our 2016 merger with Plum Creek, in the U.S., we own or lease more than 13 million acres of timberlands in the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast and the South. In Canada, we manage nearly 14 million acres of publicly owned land under long-term licenses. We also manage 300,000 acres of forests in Uruguay. We encourage you to learn more about these forests, including how we manage for environmental stewardship in each unique region and partner with others to conduct critical research.


Case Study
Case Study


We rely on comprehensive internal policies and management systems to guide implementation of our independently certified sustainable practices. Our Sustainable Forestry Policy is the cornerstone of this work.

We also know sustainable forestry requires continuous improvement based on a foundation of sound scientific research and technological innovation. We routinely invest in research and we partner with others in ways that help us improve our activities on the ground. In 2015, we spent $16.1 million on forestry research, including biodiversity, fish and wildlife, and forest health and productivity.

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